Training programs NewACE

Applied Starkidz International’s AFTER-SCHOOL-CARE program Program Director: MA. Tạ Minh Tâm - ex-Principal of Ngô Gia Tự middle school, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi For Secondary school students Pick up and transfer students from school to our center, everyday from 11:30AM to 17:30PM Supplementary and advance classes base on official school programs (English, Math, Physics, Chemistry..) Participate in events and clubs such as: Talent Club, Sport-Culture Club, English Club… everyday, even on Saturday and Sunday. For primary school students Pick up and transfer students from school to our center from 17:00 to 20:00 [Customizable hours upon needs of Parents] in weekdays, and stay-in on Saturday. Supplementary and advance classes based on schooling programs (English, Math, Vietnamese…) Participate in Events and Talent-enriched Clubs such as: Sport-Culture Club, English Club… on weekdays and at weekends.  

-Our Dual-language Summer Camp integrates English with soft-skill lessons for 4 to 11 year-old children. We have also partnered with other education companies to provide picnic/travelling programs both in local and foreign countries. -Dual-language Summer Camp integrates studying English jointly at NewACE Center and 3/5/7-day, 2-week at Starkidz International in Singapore within 1-month or 2-month courses.  -Travelling Summer Camp to study English and participate in SAEIS/AEIS in Singapore for the students who seek for opportunities to study overseas or in Singapore in the future.  

We can also give advices and comprehensive counselling on  itineraries for early studying in Singapore for students in Primary school, Middle school, High school, University, and for adults who wish to study in an international environment. Program Director: Mdm Sally Sim, President - CEO of Starkidz International, Singapore.  

-Hosting events every Saturday -Center’s students have free access to Talent Club, Life-Skill Club, English Club, Presentation-Skill Club… at weekends.